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Managing Dry Socket

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates - Dallas
Rendering of an empty socket between two white teeth at Dallas Oral Surgery AssociatesA dry socket is an excruciating dental condition that mainly occurs after teeth extraction. It happens when the blood clot forming in the socket where the tooth was removed either dissolves prematurely or is dislodged, exposing the underlying bone and nerves. You will experience intense pain when the nerves and underlying bones are exposed. The socket then becomes irritated and inflamed.

Symptoms of Dry Socket

You will start to experience symptoms of dry socket a few days after the extraction of your teeth. Some of the common symptoms include severe pain on the extraction site. There may also be loss of the blood clot at the site, which leaves your socket empty. You can also experience severe pain that spreads to other areas, such as the eye, neck, or ear.

Management of a Dry Socket

Once you suspect that you have a dry socket, it is essential to contact your oral surgeon as soon as possible. A dental expert will evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment method. The first treatment option is pain medications that help to alleviate pain. Next, your dentist will clean the affected site and place a medicated dressing on the socket to help minimize pain and promote healing. Warm salt water or antimicrobial mouthwash will help to ensure the area is free from infections.

How to Prevent a Dry Socket?

Drink water after a tooth extraction process. Ensure you avoid alcohol or carbonated drinks. Eat soft foods on the first day after tooth extraction and avoid chewing on the surgery site. Remember that using tobacco after the surgery will slow the healing process and increase the risk of a dry socket. Lastly, avoid brushing on the site where the tooth was extracted. You can rinse this area using warm salt water to clear any infections and avoid injuring the site.

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