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Can you get rid of bad breath with mouthwash

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates - Dallas
Close-up of a bottle of blue mouthwash at Dallas Oral Surgery AssociatesHalitosis is the name given to bad breath. A common oral health issue that affects 30% of the population in the United States of America. This condition is highly associated with eating garlicky meals and also when you wake up in the morning. Mouthwash is an oral solution meant for such conditions. It is also known as oral rinse or mouth rinse.

What it does

Halitosis happens as a result of several unhealthy reasons. Poor oral hygiene leads to the buildup of bacteria in the mouth, using tobacco, dry mouth, and eating some foods are some of the things that may lead to bad breath. However, the solution is an antiseptic that reduces the microbial load in the mouth. They also help in reducing the effects of inflammation in the mouth and any other antifungal reasons. For dry mouth, they neutralize the saliva in the mouth keeping it moist. The use of mouthwash temporarily controls bad breath and leaves the mouth clean. Additionally, some solutions help in reducing the effects of gum diseases. A further dental checkup is therefore recommended for the best results.

Can you get rid of bad breath using mouthwash

Temporarily, yes, it is the best solution. However, for longer-lasting results, you are advised to visit the orthodontist for evaluation and testing. The effects of mouthwashes are short-lived, in this case, the treatments might include professional intervention. As much as mouthwash is highly recommended, regular visits to the orthodontist are also as important. There are different forms of mouth washes, fluoride mouthwash however comes out as the best solution in the mitigation. Bad breath might be one of the reasons people are not talking to you. You can be assured that will consider your specific needs and advice given to you on the best possible solution for your underlying condition. Visit us today.

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