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All-on-4 vs. Regular Dentures
Dallas, TX

Dentures in a glass of water, on a handIf you are seeking options to replace missing teeth, you’re in luck! While the only choice for replacing teeth in the recent past was primarily dentures, there are an array of treatment options to choose from today. Rather than settling on soaking dentures overnight on the nightstand, our team at Dallas Oral Surgery offers several superior—and permanent—solutions to replacing teeth.

Today, the All-on-4® treatment is the most common alternative to regular traditional dentures. Understanding the full scope of restorative options helps our patients make informed decisions that are best suited to their needs. When deciding on a treatment option, we aim to provide our patients with a full range of advantages and disadvantages for each solution—and this includes dentures.


Traditional dentures are far from perfect, but they have improved significantly over recent decades. Over time, dentures have come to resemble natural teeth by integrating the use of more lifelike colors and materials. And unlike dentures of the past, modern dentures are typically custom fit to the wearer. This molded fit can prevent many instances of your dentures slipping or coming loose while eating or talking. This custom fit does not completely eliminate the risk of slippage, however. Additionally, any traditional denture must be removed at the end of the day for cleaning and sleeping.

A set of All-on-4 prosthetic teeth


A more modern solution for tooth loss is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. This treatment involves small titanium dental implants that are placed directly into the jaw. These implants function as posts for an arch of prosthetic teeth and anchor the prosthesis in place. During a standard procedure, our surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates will place four dental implants along the jaw in order to support one row of teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, the prosthesis cannot be removed or shifted.

This arch and its implants contribute to stimulating the jaw, allowing you to speak and eat without difficulty, retain your face shape, and support bone mass. These implant-supported dentures are also more durable than real teeth and replicate their appearance, allowing patients to chew stubborn or sticky foods without issue and smile confidently.

The primary upside of traditional dentures over All-on-4® is cost. Traditional dentures are a more affordable solution, but the All-on-4® Treatment is an investment in which the advantages are meant to outway any potential cost.

Still deciding whether or not an All-on-4® Treatment is right for you? Our office can walk you through an even wider range of comparisons between traditional dentures and All-on-4®! Ensure that you are making an informed decision by giving us a call at 214-363-9946. Our team is available to walk you through various treatment methods so you can weigh your options in confidence.

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All-On-4 vs Regular Dentures Dallas, TX | Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
If you need teeth replaced in Dallas, you’re in luck. Compared to the past, when the only choice for replacing missing teeth was dentures, today there is a wide array of options.
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