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How Missing Teeth Affect Your Smile
Dallas, TX

A middle aged man missing his tooth at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Dallas, TX.When we lose one or more of our teeth, the gaps in our smile can affect both our oral functions and our self-confidence. Tooth loss is a common issue that can arise from several unexpected problems or events. Understanding how our teeth impact our health and daily lives can serve as a motivating factor in addressing our own oral health and taking the necessary precautions to prevent tooth loss.

Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a common issue in oral health, and missing teeth can happen in many different ways. Often, tooth loss can occur when patients are involved in accidents, facial injuries, or receive some form of facial trauma. In some cases, teeth are not completely lost but need to be removed due to being broken or damaged.

Insufficient oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, and advanced cavities can also result in losing teeth. Aging is also commonly associated with tooth loss, but aging does not contribute to missing teeth directly. Tooth decay over an extended period of time is often a result of unchecked habits, such as improper brushing or grinding teeth. Proper oral hygiene habits can also prevent periodontal disease and gum recession that might lead to tooth loss with age.

What Effect Does Missing Teeth Have On Our Smiles?

Our teeth play a key role in the way our faces are shaped. The gaps that appear from losing teeth directly affect the confidence we have in our smile and ourselves. When multiple teeth are missing near the front of the mouth, the appearance of the lips becomes augmented even when the mouth is closed; our lips sit on top of our teeth, defining their natural shape.

Losing teeth changes our oral capabilities, as well. Eating and chewing food can become problematic or difficult. You may begin avoiding your favorite meals, and your jaw’s bone health will begin to suffer. The jawbone receives necessary stimulation from the roots of teeth when eating. When the jawbone loses this stimulation from tooth decay or tooth loss, the form, strength, and mass of the jawbone decreases.

How To Restore Your Smile

Modern dentistry offers numerous restorative options for dental specialists to restore your smile. Patients can restore one or multiple missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants aid in restoring bone mass and can last a lifetime. Dental bridges are also available for patients who have gaps in their smile but otherwise have healthy teeth. For patients who have lost most or all of their teeth, implant-supported dentures may be a permanent and durable option to improve upon the functionality of removable dentures.

If you are seeking a solution to replace one or more missing teeth, there are a variety of options to address diverse needs. In our office, an initial examination and consultation appointment will help our doctors work with you to find a restorative solution tailored to you. Give us a call at 214-363-9946 to schedule an appropriate consultation and restore your smile—our doctors are available from Monday-Friday to consult with patients experiencing tooth loss.

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When we lose some of our teeth, the vacant space they leave in our mouth can affect many of our oral functions. Call Dallas Oral Surgery now for help!
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