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Implants vs Dentures
Dallas, TX

A woman smiling in front of gray backgroundHave you suffered premature tooth loss or decay? Have you dreamed of having a complete, aesthetically pleasing smile that you can be proud of? Are you ready to take the first step on your journey to better oral health?

If so, our professionals at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates can help through the use of dental implants or dentures. There are different types of each, and while they may vary slightly, they all serve the same goal of restoring your teeth and your smile.

Preparing for a Tooth Restoration

The first step to receiving any tooth restoration is to schedule an appointment with our professionals. During your visit, our team will assess your case and complete an oral exam. They will also use advanced imaging devices to get a more complete understanding of your oral cavity. This information will be used to create your restoration.

The next phase is to schedule any preparatory procedure. The most common treatment that many patients need is an extraction. If you have a tooth that is beyond saving and will obstruct the placement of dentures or implants, our team must remove it and allow your mouth to heal.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that are removable. Acrylic resin teeth, which are designed to look like natural teeth, are set into a plastic gum-colored base. The base is made to sit on your gums, held in place by suction, which supports the prosthesis. Dentures are designed to replace a full arch of missing teeth or a section of adjacent missing teeth between natural, healthy teeth.

Full dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth, whether it’s the top set, the bottom set, or both. Partial dentures are used if you are missing sections of teeth, but still, have some areas of remaining healthy teeth as well. Just like full dentures, partial dentures are created from molds of your mouth. These dentures rest on your gums as well but have the addition of a metal clasp (which hooks onto healthy teeth) to help hold it in place.

Dental Implants

While implants are a great solution, not everyone is a prime candidate for the procedure. This may be unsettling for some but in order for the procedure to be a success, certain factors have to be in play. Risk factors are assessed and while some can simply make the procedure more difficult for others it can preclude them.

Those with a good overall medical health history and have practiced good oral hygiene are the best candidates.

Alternatives to Dental Implants

Many times, patients cannot meet the required bone mass to be considered for traditional implant procedures. For those patients there is the mini-implant procedure available. These are miniature versions of implants which require a good deal less bone mass. There is also the All-on-4® Treatment Concept which embeds the implants at an angle, so they do not go in as deeply as traditional ones.

If you are ready to receive your new smile, then you may benefit from dentures or implants. Our professionals at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates can help you achieve your oral health goals and determine which tooth restoration is best for you. You can reach us by calling our team at 214-363-9946 today.

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