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Bed at Woodhill Surgical CenterThe surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates offer a wide range of anesthesia options, including local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. At your surgical consultation, the doctor will review your medical history and consider the procedures you’re having performed to determine the optimal method of anesthesia/sedation. In most cases, IV sedation is recommended. Dental Implant procedures, while involving minimal post-operative pain, usually involve multiple pieces of equipment and absolute stillness during the procedure. This is best accomplished with sedation during placements of implants.

IV sedation involves the use of sedating medication delivered directly into the bloodstream. Patients enter a state of mental and physical relaxation, without being “under” as with general anesthesia. IV sedation is safe and effective. It alleviates anxiety and promotes complete comfort. Additionally, treatment and recovery time tends to be shorter using IV sedation than with other methods.

Dr. Wallace and Dr. McKnight are licensed to practice both medicine and dentistry. They are fully trained and certified to administer IV sedation and general anesthesia. Our highly trained oral surgery team includes anesthesiologists, nurses, and dental assistants trained in:
•  CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Basic Life Support
•  PALS – Pediatric Life Support
•  ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support
•  DAANCE – Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Examination

These additional certifications help with administration of your safe anesthesia. At Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, you’ll receive an exceptional level of care by a world-class team.

Experience exemplary service and world-class care at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wallace and Dr. McKnight at our office.

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The surgeons at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates - Woodhill offer anesthesia options like local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia.
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