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What to do When You Knock Out a Tooth

A man with tooth ache.Accidents, injuries and falls happen. Knowing what to do before it does can make a difference when a tooth is knocked out. Losing a tooth from an impact injury can be shocking, but in some cases, it can be reset. There are steps you can take to increase these odds and saving a natural tooth is always the best first option. Working with our staff at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, we will do our best to save an avulsed, or knocked out, tooth or provide our patients with other options following the loss of a tooth.

Avulsed Tooth

A tooth that is avulsed, or knocked out, is a tooth that is cleanly knocked out of the root. The entire tooth has come loose and out of the socket. Though this can seem extreme, there is a possibility of setting the tooth back in place and it once again becoming firm in its socket. Broken or fractured teeth will require a different treatment, possibly a dental crown.

There are some tips that can help:
•  Contact our Office: Time is of the essence when a tooth is knocked out. Contact our office for guidance. In general, there is about an hour long window to get the tooth back in place in hopes to have it reset.
•  Place the Tooth in Your Mouth: If the person who lost the tooth has the ability and maturity to do so, place the tooth back into the socket. If the tooth landed on a dirty surface, such as dirt or grass, it’s ok to lightly rinse the tooth with water, but do not scrub the tooth or remove anything from the tooth. Material that may look like plaque, could be important connective tissue needed to reattach. If the person who lost the tooth finds it too painful to put the tooth in their socket, a second option would be to have them hold their tooth under their tongue. The moisture in the mouth is good for the tooth, better than placing the tooth in water.
•  Other Ways to Transport Tooth: How you transport the tooth can make a difference in the successful placement. Primarily, keeping the tooth in the mouth is ideal, but this may not be possible for every person. The next best way to transport the tooth is in milk. This may sound unusual, but the chemical makeup of milk works better with a tooth over water. Water can cause the cells in the tooth to swell and eventually burst.

Protecting your teeth

We love sports and outdoor activities, and we love to encourage our loved ones and patients to engage in these activities. While playing, we also encourage everyone to protect their teeth with a mouthguard or sportsguard. Wearing this simple retainer-like device can make a huge difference in your oral health. At Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, we can customize a mouthguard or sportsguard to fit. A customized device means greater comfort and an increased likelihood of wearing it.

If you or a loved one knocks out a tooth, contact Dallas Oral Surgery Associates right away at 214-363-9946.

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