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Intraoral Cameras

doctor using intraoral cameraIntraoral cameras are small video cameras that take x-rays of the surfaces of gums and teeth. Its appearance resembles as large pen. The way it is used can vary widely based on which model is employed, but the device is usually equipped with a disposable protective sleeve for each patient. While looking at a nearby monitor, Dr. Wallace and Dr. McKnight will insert the camera into the patient’s mouth and move it around to take pictures from multiple angles.

Intraoral cameras first came into use in the early 1990s, and for a time only a lucky few had access to this recent innovation in dental technology. But today use of the intraoral camera is far more widespread. Countless dentists have used it to both diagnose dental complications and to educate their patients.

How are Intraoral Cameras Used?

Dental problems that don’t cause pain and aren’t visible to the unaided eye often go undetected until a dental expert notices them. For this reason, we employ intraoral cameras (along with a computer monitor or screen) to search for these problems during dental examinations. These devices allow us to show our patients any problems they may have, such as gum disease or cracked teeth. For our patients who are visual learners, this technology is without peer during their dental visits.

We also use our intraoral camera when we perform dental restorations. If, for example, we are replacing an amalgam tooth filling with a composite resin filling, we can use the intraoral camera to take pictures from before and after the procedure and show them to the patient at the same time.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

While the intraoral camera functions as an exceptional diagnostic device, it also works as a great educational tool. As we have seen, this camera lets dentists actually show you what’s going on inside their mouths during examinations and procedures. X-rays take time to process, but with intraoral cameras there is no time spent waiting for the images to develop. This will expedite dental visits for both of us.

Intraoral Cameras vs. X-Rays

The time difference between intraoral cameras and x-rays is even more apparent when we need to take multiple x-rays during a single visit. With an intraoral camera, we can effortlessly take, retake, copy and print images of a patient’s teeth. We can then send these images to the patient’s dental insurance provider to boost claims, if necessary.

Several insurance companies accept these images via email, reducing mailing time and saving paper. Intraoral cameras thus save the environment in addition to saving time.

The health, safety, and comfort of our patients is our bottom line and teach patient deserves the best possible treatment. That is why we employ cutting edge technology to give them dental exams that are both comfortable and speedy. Other dental offices are often behind the times in terms of technology. That is understandable given the costs of this equipment. But that is a price we are more than willing to pay for our bottom line.

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