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Dental Implants vs Bridges
Dallas, TX

Rendering of a dental implant bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap with implant postsAre you struggling to determine which tooth replacement procedures are best for you? Understanding how to compare different treatment methods can be especially difficult if, like most people, you are not familiar with restorative dentistry or oral surgery. With 33% of young adult Americans missing one or more of their permanent teeth, knowing how and when to address tooth loss can prevent further pain, disease, and damage.

When a tooth has decayed and become unsavable, it will need to be extracted. After extraction, this tooth will need to be replaced to prevent further infection, disease, and bone loss. Our office provides several options to replace missing teeth, including dental implants and bridges. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a final decision on treatment... but how do these two procedures differ?

What Are The Differences Between Dental Implants And Dental Bridges?

A dental implant consists of three key components. The metal screw, typically made of titanium, is designed to be biocompatible and function like a tooth root. After a tooth has been lost or removed, this screw will be placed into the jaw and gradually fuse to the bone, creating a foundation for the tooth. The crown, or artificial tooth, replicates the form and function of the natural tooth and sits on the implant. The abutment is the component that connects the crown to the metal implant screw.

Dental implants are a popular choice for their durability, lasting anywhere between 10-20 years. If properly cared for, implants can potentially last a lifetime. This treatment has a low chance of failure, meaning fewer return trips related to the implant and a lower likelihood of having to get it replaced or repaired. This option is also considered the most natural-looking restorative treatment.

Dental bridges, however, are not embedded into the gums or jawbone. Bridges consist of a crown suspended between two crowns, forming a “bridge” of three crowns. The bridge can be placed once the neighboring teeth have been reshaped to accommodate them. This is standard procedure for crown placement, as it bridges the gap between teeth and restores function and appearance. This treatment option is best suited for patients who are experiencing tooth decay around the site of the missing tooth. As a treatment, it may not last as long as a dental implant, but it is often more cost-effective when more than one tooth in the same area is affected by tooth decay.

How Do They Differ In Cost?

Both treatments effectively perform the same function and purpose through different means, but both will differ considerably in cost depending on the patient. Dental implants are an ideal option for longevity and the appearance of natural-looking teeth, but they are also the most expensive solution and less likely to be covered by insurance.

Dental implants can cost between $900 to $3000 per implant. Additionally, the cost of the crown is not included with the implant. A dental bridge, on the other hand, can cost between $700 to $1500. This makes bridges significantly more affordable and more likely to be covered by insurance. These estimates do not include the cost of any additional therapies and treatments needed prior to implant or bridge placement.

Besides cost, there are many factors to consider before deciding on one treatment. At Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, our team is available to meet with you for a consultation and determine which treatments may be best suited for you. This consultation appointment will also help you and your dentist determine if any additional therapies or treatments will be necessary. To schedule an appointment or learn more about dental implants and bridges, give us a call at 214-363-9946.

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