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Mini Dental Implants
Dallas, TX

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Those who have lost teeth and would like them replaced, often find themselves in a difficult position. There are several options. On one hand is the dental implant route, which involves restoration surgery that might be invasive and costly.

On the other hand, are dentures, which might be loose and uncomfortable to have. They might even come out of place, making it difficult to talk or eat. For those wondering what the perfect option would be for them, Dallas Oral Surgery Associates has the answer to this, mini dental implants.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants are smaller, less invasive dental implants that are meant to replace teeth in situations where one cannot or does not want to receive the more conventional treatments. They are a relatively new dental treatment technique that was designed to be able to solve some of the biggest issues plaguing traditional dental implants.

Mini dental implants have become popular because they are less invasive, do not involve costly surgeries, and do not involve bone grafts or multiple surgeries. They can also fit into smaller spaces and can therefore be used to replace the much smaller teeth, such as incisors or premolars. They are also less expensive, and one can have them done in as little as a day or two, compared to traditional implants that can often take up to three months to have done. Conventional dental implants are typically 3 mm or greater. Mini dental implants are generally smaller than this.

Benefits of Mini Implants

Mini dental implants can be a great option. Despite the ease of installation, they have a similar structure to natural teeth, just like traditional dental implants. There are many possible reasons why one might want to avoid conventional surgery.

For instance, there are those who, for whatever reason, might not have the right amount of bone density in their jaw to be able to support traditional implants. These implants are typically larger and implanted much deeper into the jawbone. They, therefore, require a significantly higher amount of bone density.

The mini dental implant procedure is simpler than the traditional dental implant procedure would be. It involves, in most cases, the placement of mini dental implants on the patient’s lower arch. It is a relatively short process that takes about an hour and is usually classified under same-day dental procedures. All of this comes at an added advantage of lower costs.

Taking Care of Dental Implants

The fact that mini dental implants are smaller does not necessarily mean that their maintenance should receive any less attention. In fact, given that they look and work just like normal teeth, they deserve the same standard of care that one should devote to their natural teeth. Good dental hygiene is an important determinant of the longevity of mini implants.

As good as they are, patients must remember that they are not permanent teeth, and therefore require even more care and consideration. It is therefore important to brush regularly, floss, and have regular dental appointments to keep the teeth clean. Give us a call today at 214-363-9946, to schedule an appointment!

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Mini Dental Implants • Dallas, TX • Dallas Oral Surgery
For those wondering what the perfect option would be for them, Dallas Oral Surgery Associates has the answer to this, mini dental implants.
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